Serviced Vs. Refurbished Vs. Restored

Serviced Vs. Refurbished Vs. Restored

A common question we get is, "How much is a typewriter worth?"

Truthfully, it is an impossible question to answer given the vintage nature of typewriters and the inherent variables of valuing an item that is 50, 60, 70...100+ years old! The best place to start is to ask if it's been repaired or maintained. And the answer to that question can vary widely from someone who used a cloth to wipe the dust off to an artistic and talented professional restorer who meticulously repainted, deep cleaned, and machined new parts—and all the options in between.

To help bring clarity to the level of care and work done on a vintage typewriter, I wrote a blog post several years ago (accidentally deleted it) and then rewrote it on my wordpress blog. While I am not the authority on this matter, I wrote this from my experience as someone who sells vintage typewriters and has taken note of the differences. If you are in the market for a vintage typewriter, I can't recommend reading this article enough to help you become an educated buyer.

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