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Jot & Tittle Vintage Typewriters

CUSTOM RIBBON (Re-spooling)

CUSTOM RIBBON (Re-spooling)

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Have a vintage typewriter, your own spools, but need new ribbon? We re-spool vintage typewriter ribbon for you. Send us your spool, we'll put fresh ribbon on it and return it to you.

The price includes the cost of shipping it back to you.


  1. Make sure your spools will fit a 1/2-wide ribbon
  2. Select either black only or a black/red combo
  3. Send us your spools to the following address: Jot & Tittle Vintage Typewriters; 5 Paola Lane; Kimblering City, MO 65686
  4. Once we receive your order we will roll fresh ribbon and return it to you within 1-2 business (does not include shipping times).
  5. The hand-rolled spools come with approximately 48-50 feet of ribbon per spool set.

Note: since we roll these in our shop, the typewriter ribbon spools arrive in a plastic zipper bag, in a white box. It will last a very long time, but we do recommend keeping the ribbons in the plastic bag until you are ready to use.

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